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REICHET FOUNDATION is duly registered under Non-Governmental Organisations Act, 2002 with Registration No 00NGO/05206 since February, 2012 with 15 members as a non-government organisation and nonprofit organisation. It is as well registered with Data Universal Numbering System [D.U.N.S number] 850512212, the organisation aims at promote appropriate and complement utilization of available resources from individuals, households, communities and Nation towards sustainable Development in Tanzania.

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Vision ,Mission and Strenghts


REICHET Foundation is established to ensure a community in which every child have an upright life and grow up towards maturity without any form of exploitation.


REICHET Foundation prevents child exploitation and removes children from exploitative circumstances and makes sure that all children grow themselves in a secure setting


      • Have the qualified and committed staff
      • Experienced in working with Government and non-government Organizations
      • Skills of dealing with community based Programs
      • Office space with facilities
      • Has its legal status.
      • Availability of some of the Office Equipments

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